Thursday, June 13, 2013

Isla Botanica

This is Amanda Thiel of Isla Botanica, a company she founded in 2009. She handcrafts delicious tea blends and herbal health and body products using herbs grown on San Juan Island using original recipes based on age-old traditions of plant use. The garden is located on the 120 acre Talking Horse Ranch and produces over 30 species of medicinal plants which are featured in teas, tinctures and other products such as medicinal salves, aromatherapy spritzers and more.

You can find her teas at many fine island restaurants and cafes and her other products are available at the Saturday Market, the SJI Co-op and Sandpebble. She will have a retail shop opening on the farm soon as well.

Amanda is an herbalist with a B.A. in Herbal Medicine in Cultural and Ecological Contexts from Fairhaven College in Bellingham. Her experience lies in formulating products, gardening and teaching about herbs. She made her first medicinal tea over a decade ago and has been in love with herbs ever since.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rumor Mill - Oren and Peggy Combs

There is only one place in Friday Harbor where you can take the whole family, most any time all year long, and enjoy different varieties of live music, have some dinner, some drinks, and do some dancing to live music. With the Rumor Mill, Oren and Peggy have created a great atmosphere for local music lovers and a great venue for local musicians. The dining area was designed specifically with a stage for performers, and a dance floor which is separate from the 21-years-and-older bar area, so your kids can enjoy some local culture too. Roll-up windows let the fresh air in from the sidewalk, and passers-by often stop to watch a band play before continuing on their way.
They have just recently hired a new chef and revamped their menu offerings (I hear the fish n chips are great!) They wanted to create a menu with foods reflecting their ethnic heritage, as well as taking advantage of locally sourced goods. Some of their local suppliers are: Lopez Creamery, Jones Family Farms, San Juan Coffee, San Juan Pasta Co., various vendors at the Farmer's Market, Guard Sundstrom and San Juan Vinyards, just to name a few.
Opened in the Summer of 2010, July 3 will be the Rumor Mill's 3 year anniversary. And Oren and Peggy are still happy after working together for more than 25 years!