Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rocky Bay

One of the best places in town for Breakfast and Lunch is the Rocky Bay Cafe, next door to the movie theater on one side and Sandpebble on the other. During the busy summer months (and sometimes even in the off-season) it is not uncommon to see a line of people outside waiting for a table, it's that good. John Sable, pictured above, is the owner and when it gets that busy you may see him outside, offering coffee and menus to people, and reassuring them that their table will be ready soon. Very good customer service.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modern & Fabulous

There's a new women's clothing store in town. It's called Modern & Fabulous with modern fashions at fabulous prices. This is the owner, Jennifer Payne holding up one of her new offerings. She offers athletic wear as well and new inventory comes in once a week. Fashion being her passion, she's been selling out of her online ebay store and two other websites for 2 years and on June 1st of 2012, she opened the doors at 818 Mullis Street #4 in Friday Harbor. Away from the high-rents and taxes of a downtown storefront, she can pass those savings along to her customers.

Shahn McGuire

This is Shahn McGuire, a mental health therapist in Friday Harbor. She specializes in marriage and family therapy, including  children, and is one of few around here who does hypnotherapy. A really wonderful person to talk to and help with any issues you may have that are keeping you from moving forward.

Watershed Cabinets

This is Mike Lazzari, owner of Watershed Cabinets on San Juan Island. Mike moved to the island in the mid 1970's and worked doing construction for various contractors and for himself for a number of years. This eventually evolved into his own business selling and installing all types of cabinetry. Possessing a broad knowledge of all aspects of carpentry he does great work with fine attention to detail on new construction and/or remodel projects. He can be reached at 378 2514.


Sandpebble is a gift shop in Friday Harbor with enough variety to satisfy almost any taste. Many of the items on the shelves are fun and will make you chuckle or laugh outright, and many are simply unique and interesting novelties that you might not find elsewhere. Books, home decorations, plaques, greeting cards, candles, clothing – it is rather impressive how much they have to offer. Looking at the store from the sidewalk outside, it may seem like a small shop but it is larger than it appears with a back room almost as big as the front and they have done a great job keeping the inventory fresh and interesting.
Bill and Nancy Niedringhaus have owned the store since 2006. You will see them in the store from time to time, however it is now operated mostly by their son-in-law and daughter Bryan and Carolyn Leighton (That's Bryan in the photo above).
In early 2012 they closed for roughly 30 days while they installed a new floor and put new paint on the walls and ceiling. It is now brighter, cheerier and though there is more in there – it feels more open and roomy as well.
Sandpebble is next-door to Rocky Bay Restaurant on Spring Street, across from the drug store. Check them out – Odds are you’ll find something you like.