Saturday, October 6, 2012

San Juan Hot Shop

Eddie Williams, ladies and gentlemen, from the San Juan Hot Shop and Flavor Emporium. You want something good and tasty with a bit of zing to add to your favorite food? Well then you need to go see Ed and he'll get you fixed right up. The Hot Shop was originally established 10 years ago as part of Amigo's restaurant, and was subsequently moved to its present location next door to the drug store, when Amigo's closed several years ago. Ed and his wife Genie have been running the place since February of 2008 and they know their sauces! (note the official uniform Ed is sporting in the photo). With an almost overwhelming variety of choices, Ed and Genie will use their extensive knowledge to carefully guide you to your perfect sauce. Go check them out and sample some delicious flavors from all over the world.