Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Printonyx is Friday Harbor's full service Printing, Copying, Faxing, Designing, Stapling and general Officing place. Originally launched back around 1987 by Homer Smith, it was purchased in 1994 by Kristine Brown (at left in the photo above). 18 years she's been running the business now. And for 16 of those years, Jeff Fitts (at right) has been along as well, sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time, sometimes on leave, but lately it's been pretty much full time. Not pictured here is Jonathan Reedy who was out for the day when we shot this photo. Kris calls him "the voice of Printonyx" and I'm sorry I missed him. Maybe once they're in their new building we'll revisit this and get him in the photo as well. Check out www.printonyx.com and "Like" them on Facebook for up-to-date info and specials.