Friday, August 3, 2012

Cotton Cotton Cotton

Gail and Randy Schnee moved to Friday Harbor in 2009 to escape central Florida where they had been living for most of their lives. Enough was enough after 3 hurricanes in one month. Gail was working dilligently at her Corporate America career job when she saw the tickertape style advertisment across the top of her screen (on the important work stuff she was researching on the internet), that said "GO KAYAKING WITH WHALES", so she called Randy and by the time she arrived home from work, they had plane reservations. Long story short, they fell in love with Friday Harbor, sold the house and bought Cotton Cotton Cotton with no business experience whatsoever. "How hard can it be, right?". And the rest is history - they've been successfully running their shop at 165 First St. since 2009. Go check them out - they're some wonderful folks with a great store.