Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Loea Design

Loea Design is a local screen printing and graphic design company owned and operated by Jennifer Rigg. A graduate of Friday Harbor High School, Jenn left the island a few times, but always managed to find her way back to Friday Harbor. She's had a screen printing business since 2000 - Before Loea she had Pacific Design but she sold that to some folks who moved it to Anacortes. Loea was started in 2006 and with it she has been mainly printing her own designs. (however, she's been designing T-shirts since the age of 13). If you've been to the County Fair and bought a souvenir T-shirt, chances are Jenn designed it and printed it. Same with many of the shirts you'll find at the Whale Museum, or Crystal Seas Kayaking or King's Marine... She's very good at what she does and is wonderful to work with. If you were hoping to drop by and say hello and were to ask me where her studio is, well I could tell ya... but then I'd have to kill ya. She's pretty busy this time of year and can't be bothered with nuisance visitors as she's prepping for the fair.